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Can’t hardly wait….


for my garden veggies! I planted a rather small garden at home! In years past, my Dad has helped me plant a large garden on the 3rd tier of my yard. A few things always hindered its success, 1) deer, 2) no close water source, 3) 100% sun! Each year was either a total success or total failure..so this year I decided to keep it close to the house so I could “baby” it!!


I picked my first cherry tomato of the season this week! Judging by the smile on my face when I saw it, you would have thought Publisher’s Clearing House just knocked on the door!! Isn’t she a BEAUTY! I’ve had a cute little cherry to pick every evening this week! Once picked, they don’t even make it in the house! I give’m a little rub against my shirt (to clean it of course!) and pop it in my mouth! There is nothing better, in my opinion, than a fresh garden tomato!! I have just one rule though…they can never ever ever go in the fridge! Somehow, they lose their fresh smell and taste as soon as they do!


I can’t wait for more tomatos, lots of peppers, and cucumbers! My basil is flourishing/abundant/taking over and I will be making a fresh batch of pesto this weekend (stay tuned for that!)!

Keep cool and try to beat the heat any way you can!