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Pool Noodle Wreath…


I know you have seen these wreaths all over the blogs and Pinterest. I think they are ingenious, cute, and so versatile!!

I picked up Pool Noodle at Wal-Mart for $1.88 and used items I found in my craft bins to decorate it! I purposely used straight pins to hold the material b/c I knew I wouldn’t want to keep the pink material on it for long. With the 4th of July quickly approaching, I think I will re-do it in Red/White/Blue over the weekend!!


1. Cut the ends of your pool noodle at an angle. This will make binding them together much easier.  Just be sure you cut the end in opposite angles. Use duck tape to make the wreath form.


2. Cut your material in strips approx 2-3″ wide (width will vary depending on the stretch in the material).


3.  Start at the top of your pool noodle, affix your material with pins, and start to wrap the material around the noodle. I gently tugged on my material to create even spacing, due to the fact my material was very stretchy. Start and end each strip on the back side of the noodle so the pins are hidden when you display it. **This can step can be done with pins, hot glue, etc**


5. Decorate. I also used pins to attach the ribbon and flower.

5. Use ribbon or a door hanger to display your finished product!!