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Garnier on sale @ CVS


I was rudely surprised this morning by the “toot” sound coming out of my shampoo bottle….and you know what that means! Yep, empty!! My hair is pretty low maintenance (not colored, heat damaged, or breaking), so I buy the drugstore brands. So, I popped into CVS on my way home and came across one heck of a deal.

All Garnier shampoo and conditioners were on sale 3/$10. Lucky for me, my Extracare Card printed off 7 coupons…3 of which I was able to use immediately. $4.70 later I walked out with 3 bottles of goodies!


$3 off a $10 cosmetic purchase
$1 off a Garnier product
$2 off a hair care product

Cha-ching!! Stock up ladies!!