CVS Beauty Clearance Haul….


After seeing a couple of bloggers mention the CVS Beauty Clearance yesterday, I was eager to see what new goodies I could get at a discount!! I checked out the Master List that Nouveau Cheap posted (THANKS!!) and stopped by CVS on my way into work today!! I’m soo glad I did!!

When I got to the store I scanned my ExtraCare card and received 8 (yes, 8) coupons!! I was able to use 2 on my purchase ……$1.50 off of any CVS Cleansing or Makeup Removing Towelettes and $4 off of a $12 Cosmetic purchase!! SCORE!!!

Here is what I got….


Total cost was $15 and some change!! The haul came at the perfect time..I just cleaned out my make up drawer and tossed old mascara, I’ve been in the market for new, more vibrant lip colors, and I have always wanted a more muted crackle color!!  The CVS Towelettes were free with the coupon!! Here is an idea of what the discounted prices looked like…Rimmel Mascaras were around $2, Eyeshadows around $1.25, Crackle polish around $1.75, etc! I put on Revlon Moon Drops #716, Sugar Poppy in the car and I LOVE IT! Its the perfect pop of color, but doesn’t make me look like a clown. #590 is a little brighter, so Im a little apprehensive to try it on at work!!

Good luck with the discount hunting at CVS ladies!!




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