De-clutter the clutter….


Everytime I open my kitchen “junk” drawer Im anxious! Anxious that the 1 thing I’m looking for won’t be in there, anxious that I will have to pull out 10 pieces of junk for 1 lil piece of junk, anxious that after I’ve pulled out those 10 pieces of junk and shoved them back in, the dang drawer won’t close!! This drawer of junk needed to be organized!!!


While at TJMaxx I ran across 2 packs of these organizers. They were priced right, seemed to be the perfect size, and better than what I was currently working with!!

Image Image

So, I layed everything out on the counter. Cleaned the drawer with my Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner (Lemon Verbana Scent…yumm) and purged! I tossed an entire plastic grocery bag full of junk! There were a lot of spare furniture parts, instruction manuals, menus, old gluesticks, receipts, and other random stuff in there!!  


I decided that I would use 3 of the organizers in the junk drawer and the 4th would get used in another drawer that currently houses kitchen gadgets!


Now everything has a place, almost all items ( I need to find a new home for a few things in the back) are easy to see and reach, and this clean/organized drawer makes me smile!!


Do you have any drawers that need to be tackled? How do you keep cluttered spaces organized??

Total cost: $8.53

Total time: 20 minutes



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