Rita as “Minnie Mouse”…


My local animal shelter, Midlands Humane Society, is hosting a fundraiser and animal fashion show. My dog, Rita, is a little ham and this sort of thing is right up her alley!!

The inspiration for the outfit came from the fact that Rita is a RAT terrier and Minnie is a MOUSE! You get it? Mouse, rat..all in the same family!

I scoured the internet for ideas and found this sweet little hat on ETSY. I purchased and it and my Aunt graciously agreed to create the rest of the costume!!

Let me say this, my Aunt Joan is a great sewer, and Im a complete novice….so she is getting complete credit for this project! I helped a bit with the strategizing, but I could have never come up with somethign as cute as this outfit!!!

We used a dress that Rita already owns as the pattern for the bodice portion of the dress. This project is mostly up-cycled goods…a shirt from me, tulle from an old prom dress, a random button, and a bit of new polka dot material!


We cut strips of tulle and material to make up the skirt. Hemmed the edges of the bodice and and sewed the four layers of the skirt together.

Once the two pieces were attached to each other we tried it on her….


But it needed a little something else…..a bow??


And………Rita at Minnie! I will be sure to post more pics of her in costume at the event!! (Not her best pic..she was tired!)


**Again, many thanks to my Aunt Joan for all of her hard work!**


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