Laura Geller Mini Makeup Spectacular Collection Review


A while back I posted on the 30% off special Laura Geller offered on her website. Well, I couldn’t resist and picked up this cute little collection. The products Im currently using by Laura are phenomenal and are now part of my daily routine!  Knowing that I wanted to for sure try a Brozne-n/Brighten, a lip gloss, and her 3-1 product…this kit seemed like a perfect fit. It was priced right and the 30% sealed the deal for me!


“The Mini Makeup Spectacular is filled with all of your favorite Laura Geller Makeup products in mini sizes.  It’s fun for travel or to try something new.”

Included in this Collection:

  • Spackle Under Make-up Primer in Champagne (1 oz)
  • Blush-n-Brighten in Tartufo (.06 oz)
  • Bronze-n-Brighten in Regular (.06 oz)
  • Real Deal Remedy Stick 3-in-1 Under Makeup Primer, Perfector, Mattifier (.15oz)
  • Baked Marble Eye Shadow Duo in Amethyst/Lagoon (.06 oz)
  • Double Ended Lip & Eye Pencil: Lip Pencil is Neutral & Eye Pencil is Basic Black (.05 oz.)
  • Lipgloss City Lights (.28 oz)
  • Retractable Blush Brush
  • Sheer Beauty Bag

How to Use Each Product:

  • Spackle: Apply a thin layer over a clean face before applying your foundation. Apply moisturizer first if you desire, then Spackle.
  • Bronze-n-Brighten: Using the brush, stroke the bronzer all over your face until you reach the desired coverage.
  • Blush-n-brighten: Swirl the brush across powder and stroke the color from the top of your cheekbones to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Real Deal Remedy Stick: Stroke over face and blend with fingers or non-latex makeup sponge.  Use under makeup to prime, over makeup to de-shine.
  • Baked Marble Eye Shadow: Apply the shadow by swiping the brush over the entire compact and stroking over the eyelid. You can also identify different shades and tones within the tablet and apply them individually; use darker tones in the crease and at outer corners, brighter ones to highlight.
  • Eye Pencil: Softly line your top and/or bottom lash lines, from outer to inner corner. For a smoky-eyed effect, smudge the eyeline with the foam tip or try filling in the entire lid as eyeshadow. 
  • Lip Pencil: For best results prime lip area with Lip Spackle. Carefully outline your lips then fill in. Top with lipstick or gloss.
  • Lip Gloss:  Using the dipstick applicator, apply color to your lips. A handy little mirror on the side of the vial makes for easy touch-ups

My Review:

  • Spackle: I like. It goes more like a moistrurizer than a slick primer. It is not noticable and seems to help my Balance-n-Brighten go on better.
  • Bronze-n-Brighten: I LOVE IT! It was just what I was looking for in a bronzer. The look is natural, not too shimmery, and stays put!! I use my kabuki to apply it..starting at my hairline and blending in/down towards the middle of my face. I also like to swipe my partline/scalp b/c it tends to be much paler than my face!
  • Blush-n-brighten: I already had this prpduct in the color Sunswept and its wonderful. The pigment is nice, it offers just enough to shimmer to highlight cheekbones, and also stays put. The color in this collection was Tartufo…very light pink..which doesn’t show well on my olive skin. I may keep it and see if it suits me in my whiter winter months or pass it along to a friend or family member!!
  • Real Deal Remedy Stick: This is advertised as a Stick 3-in-1 Under Makeup Primer, Perfector, Mattifier..and it probably does all of those things. It’s hard for me to tell b/c its a tad tiny and I cant see myself spreading it all over my face as a primer. I have used it mid day on my T-zone and it did seem to make me a bit less shiny. Perfector…not sure what they mean by that? I will use it alone under makeup soon and report back!
  • Baked Marble Eye Shadow: This is a beautiful product….but just not right for me. I have a eye duo shadow/liner now in Unearthed/DutchChocolate and I use it nearly every day during the work week. The colors in this collection are Amethyst/Lagoon…for a hazel eyed gal like me, they just don’t seem to work. Im going to definitely going to pass this on to a fairer/blue eyed friend and I think she will love it!
  • Eye Pencil: It’s black, it sticks all day, and its perfect for my purse. Escpecially becuase it has a very nude/natural lip liner on the other end! SCORE!!!
  • Lip Pencil: It’s  nude/natural, slides on smoothly, and it’s just what I have been looking for! See above..the other end is a black eye liner…double duty!!
  • Lip Gloss:  Just not for me. I don’t like the texture (sorta gritty) or the taste. The color didnt suit me..and I will probably pass this one to the same friend that is gonna score the eye duo.

Overall: This collection was worth the money. The products are great, sized perfectly for traveling or your purse, and the right way to try new items.



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