Mid April Re-cap….


Sorry for the blogging break!! The last 2 weeks have flown by with 2 live shows, Easter, a trip to Florida, and my birthday all taking place!! April in a nutshell…

Jeremy McComb….He came into town to put on a private show at a friends house! The night was more than fun with lots of dancing, great music, and lots of cocktails!!


We celebrated a first birthday party for a dear friend’s cute little boy Caleb and I got to spend some time with my Cousin’s son, Samuel at that same party!


I made 2 “new” dishes for our Easter celebrations. I say “new” b/c Chicken Salad isn’t new to me, however I did add a few special ingredients to each batch and the presentation was new for me. Dish 1: Individual Chicken Salads…one batch with jalapenos the other with cashews/cilantro. They were a big hit and easy for guests to eat! Dish 2: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Lime, and Avocado. Also, a big hit! The adults and kids grubbed on it, not knowing it was brussel sprouts!! Haha!


I got the heck out of Dodge and spent a few days in Floriday for work. Lucky for me, the weather was spectactular, we stayed on the beach of Okaloosa Island (Ft. Walton Beach, FL), and I was able to put my toes in the sand for a few hours. More pics to follow in another post!!


And last but not least, celebrating my birthday with the king of beach…Mr. Jimmy Buffett!! Despite the weather and being in TorCon8 status..the concert went on and it was a blast!




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