DIY Camera Strap Tutorial


Yes, I know there are a ton of DIY Camera Strap tutorials out there but I thought I’d share with you how I made this one anyways! I am not a great sewer and I really liked making this since because it was sooo easy, pretty quick to make, and a great money saver. Like most cameras, my new camera came with a vinyl strap…which is rough, pulls my hair, and is BLAH. ** I made my cover to fit the standard sized strap that comes with Canon/Nikon DSLR/SLRs. Finished length is 25” and 2.75: wide.**

Here is the tutorial:


Fabric (various prints for a patchwork strap or 2 prints for a solid)
Heavy Weight Fusible Fleece (I used Pellon from Hobby Lobby)

Sewing Machine
Rotary cutter/mat (optional but suggested)

 For a solid strap you need:

Fabric: {2} 27”x 3” (1 piece for front of strap and 1 for back)
Pocket Piece: {1} 3”x 3.75” (probably a contrasting fabric)
Interfacing: 2.75”x 3.5”
Fusible Fleece: 25.5”x5.5”

For the patchwork strap:

I cut different lengths of fabrics (all 3” wide) and sewed them together (along the width measurement) using ¼” seam allowance to equal 27” long when completed.



1. Once you have 2 pieces (one for front of strap and one for the back) measuring 27”x3”, make your pocket piece. Center your piece(s) of interfacing on the back of the pocket piece and fuse. Fold the end over ½” and then fold again to create a finished edge for the top of the pocket. Stitch this down using two rows of stitching. Line up the unfinished edge of your pocket piece with the end of your strap piece and baste.

2. Lay your two 27” pieces together right sides facing and sew along one of the long edges using a ½” seam allowance. Press open seam.

3. Center your piece of fusible fleece on the wrong side of the piece you just sewed and fuse. You should have about an 1” of space on either short ends and ½” on either side of the fleece. Next, fold up the short ends about an 1”. Press and stitch 2 lines on both ends.

4. Now fold your strap cover in half lengthwise, right sides touching, and sew a ½” seam. Trim the seam down to about a ¼”. Turn right side out and press, press, and press.


5. If you like the look… can topstitch along both long sides about an 1/8” from the edge. Don’t topstitch across the pocket! Start (or stop) right before you reach the opening of the pocket. Press again and you’re all finished. Use a large safety pin or similar item to thread your camera strap through the cover.

6. The finished product…




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  1. That turned out cute! I want one of those flower or ruffle ones but never want to spend $100 for it and haven’t taken the time to make one. You are ahead of the game.

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