Yo, Incoco!


Obviously, by now, you have figured out that I have a thing for nails…pretty painted nails. I always have. My Mom used to paint our (my sister and I) finger/toe nails and when we were old enough we painted our own all of the time.

A few months ago I tried the Incoco nails courtesy of my Birchbox subscription. I received the “Urban Jungle (Glitter)”  strips. You can check them out here. http://www.incoco.com/product.aspx?productid=122&categoryid=83#149 

The Incoco site has great directions:


1.  Remove the clear film. Select the size that best fits your nails. Gently remove the clear cover.

2. Peel Polish. Gently peel polish strip from backing paper, holding onto the silver tab.

3. Pull apart and select end. Carefully break away silver tab to use the other of the strip

4. Place And Smooth wrinkles. Place the strip on nail and smooth until wrinkle-free. Gently stretch for a perfect fit. To realign or resize, peel nail strip and re-apply.

5. Remove Excess.  Crease strip nail edge, and remove the excess using your nail or a nail file

6. Done!

Overall: the look was fun, they wore well, and the application was easy. I was able to put mine on while flying to Denver b/c the odor is very minimal.  It took me about 25 mins (longer than polishing) and they lasted for about 3 days. The wear was not super noticeable becuase of the pattern..notice the edge of the ring finger. I would wear them again for a special occasion !Image


**all opinions are my own and I was not paid to give them**


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