DIY Camera Bag/Purse….success!!!


With the purchase of my new Canon T3i DSLR, came the need for a new camera bag. I showed you all in my previous post how I was toting the camera around…haha!! After scouring the web for a cute new bag I became frustrated in 2 things..1) the time it would take for my  new bag to be delivered and 2) the prices! All of the bags that I coveted hovered around the $200-250 mark. Yes, Ive spent that on bags before..but I loved those bags..and quite honestly, I didnt really LOVE any of the bags I had seen. And Im also a “touch” buyer..I like to touch and smell my purchases! Weird? Think about it, chances are too..not so weird now, huh?

What is a gal to do when faced with such dilemnas?? Maker her own bag! I set out on a mission this past Friday to find THE BAG. I started at TJ Maxx. They always have a huge variety of bags to choose from. I had a couple of thing that were musts:

1) A nuetral color that would go with most outfits

2) The bag must be longer than it was high

3) Pockets! Outside for “purse” things such as an iphone, keys, lip gloss/stick, etc and pockets inside for lens caps, wallet, batteries, memory cards, etc!

4) good quality…preferable leather so it holds up well and can be cleaned easily.

5) and most importantly, priced right!

Here is the Pax Leather Shopper by The Sak I purchased. The color is a very dark blue with a bit of a sheen. The Sak web price is $109, I paid $59.99Image



 Here’s what you need

Image-One yard of fabric

-24″ sew on Velcro x 2

-1″ thick foam

Cost : $11.20



1. Measure the bottom of the purse for the length and the width. Then measure and cut a piece of foam to fit those measurements. (As an example mine was 12″l x 6″w)

2. Measure the long sides of the purse for length and height. Then measure and cut 2 pieces of foam to fit those measurements. (As an example mine were 12″l x 4″h)

3. Lay your 3 foam strips out on your fabric to the bottom pieces so the bottom pieces is in between the sides. Leave 1.5″ on top, bottom, and sides and leave 1″ in between the 3 pieces of foam if you are using 1″ foam, less if your foam is smaller. Cut 2 pieces of fabric this size.


4. Measure out 4 pieces of velcro. I used the “loop” or soft side for this part. It will be the inside of the purse and you don’t want stuff sticking to it all the time. The length of this depends on the length of your purse. I used four long pieces at 12″ each. I wasn’t sure where I would need them exactly, so I sewed them along the entire length of the sides for versatilty when using the dividers. I measured in approx 2.5 inches for the 1st row of velcro and accordingly on the other side.


5. Stitch the 2 pieces of fabric on three sides.

6. Insert one of the foam pieces for the side. Holding it tightly in place stitch just below it.

7. Insert the bottom foam. Holding it tightly stitch just below it.

8. Insert the last piece of foam. Fold it over neatly & pin. Stitch it closed. Now you have the main part that will protect your camera. All you need to make are the dividers.



9. Fold the sides up like it will sit in your bag and measure how wide and tall your dividers need to be. Cut foam pieces this size. (as an example my pieces were 4″l x 3″h)

10. Measure out fabric to fit around your foam pieces leaving 1.5″ on each side. Stitch up 3 sides. Turn it right side out. Attach/sew a 3″ pieces of the”hook” velcro to each side. Insert your foam divider and sew the last side shut.


11. TA-DA…..Your entire insert will look like this.


12. The finished look! It just so happens that the inside pockets are the perfect height for easy accessibility!!

TOTAL COST : $71.20


 **I do have to give credit to my Aunt Joan. She helped me with a bit of the sewing and strategizing! It was a fun project to work on and chatting makes the time fly! Thanks!!**



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  1. This is such a cute idea! I haven’t yet pulled the trigger on a fancy camera, I’ve been getting by on convenience rather than quality. But if I do, I will definitely use this post for inspiration 🙂

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