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Skinnygirl Margaritas on sale @ CVS….


On sale for only $5.49 at my local CVS….that is $8.50 off! I couldn’t resist and bought a FEW bottles! Summer is coming and it is the perfect drink to sit on the patio and sip! I heard that some Extra Care card holders got $5.00 off Skinnygirl coupons out of the machine a while back..lucky ducks!


From the Skinnygirl Cocktails website:

A smart, delicious answer to high-calorie restaurant margaritas, this is the one that started it all! The Skinnygirl Cocktails Margarita is fresh tasting (the way it should be), full of natural flavors, lightly sweetened with agave nectar and made with premium Blue Agave Tequila. But it’s still only 100 calories for a full 4 oz serving, so you can forget the guilt. 



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Laura Geller 30% off…today only!!


Quick…this sale is for 1 day only! I was first introduced to Laura Geller via Birchbox. I got a full sized sample of her baked blush. I loved it and wanted to try more! A kit seemed to be the perfect fit to sample a few other products. 


This kit is called the Balance, Blush, & Beam. Includes:

  • 0.32-oz Balance-N-Brighten
  • 0.06-oz Blush-N-Brighten
  • 0.06-oz Marble Cakes Baked Eye Shadow & Liner Duo in Unearthed/Dutch Chocolate
  • 0.22-fl oz Light Beam Lip Gloss
  • Double-ended brush
  • Makeup made in Italy/Canada; Brush made in China

Suitable for all skin tones and types. These powders start as a swirl of liquid, color-corrective pigments that are poured onto terra-cotta pans and baked for 24 hours. The result is an extremely fine powder that is silky-smooth to the touch and has the ability to adapt to any skin tone. The Light Beams Lip Gloss adds shine and luster to your lips without making them sticky.

How do I use it: Sweep the fluffy end of the powder brush across Balance-N-Brighten and smooth over your entire face. Using the same side of the brush, sweep Blush-N-Brighten color from the tops of your ears to the apples of your cheeks.

Using the shadow end of the brush, sweep the Unearthed eye shadow over your entire lid, and up into the crease. Use an eyeliner brush (sold separately) to stroke a skinny line of the Dutch Chocolate shade close to your upper and/or lower lashes.

Finally, gently squeeze the Light Beams tube and apply the gloss to your lips.

My review: These a pieces are my go to when my skin is as its best and I have to get out the door in a hurry. I apply the balance n brighten with a kabuki, add a quick swipe of the blush n brigthen. The blush has just the right amount of shimmer, which is much much different and glitter, to help the light reflect off of your cheekbones. I then apply a little eye lid primer…put Unearthed all over my lid and smudge Dutch Chocolate on the top lash line. Top it all off with mascara and a bit of gloss on the lips! The perfect understated look! 

A little about Laura*:

When it comes to today’s beauty, Laura Geller has an uncanny knack for knowing what works and what wows. She’s masterminded an ingenious collection of multi-tasking color cosmetics that feature the most innovative new products, the most informative, no-nonsense how-to’s and the most inviting, wonderfully wearable colors that give every woman a fresh and fabulous look. Unlike other beauty companies, Geller doesn’t subscribe to trends. “Women want to look their best. It might mean passing on the latest fad and just wearing a shade you like,” says Geller. Some of her most renowned and successful products include such favorites as “Spackle”, “Caulk”, the uniquely produced “Baked Color Cosmetics Collection”.

Laura Geller is a true innovator, and has pioneered this category in makeup — “Baked.” It’s no wonder that Laura Geller’s Baked Collection of products rank amongst the line’s best-selling items. These lusciously formulated products are exclusively made for Laura in Italy, and are saturated with skin glowing color to immediately enliven the skin and create a youthful aura. Every product begins as a smooth liquid that is then infused with vibrant, skin flattering colors. The colors are then swirled together and “baked” for 24 hours in terracotta pans to create rich textures and vibrancy. No two are ever identical, but one thing is for sure…each will deliver breath-taking, breathable coverage and unparalleled blendability.

*Courtesy of the Laura Geller website*


Turtlenecks for dogs?


While cleaning out my closets I realized that I had a lot of old turtlenecks that were in nice condition, but have gotten “short” through the past 2 winter seasons. What to do, what to do? I wanted to repurpose or reuse……so, I cut off the necks and turned them into scarves for Rita (my precious little dog!) I also a few old t shirts that had seen better days, so I quickly scoured Pinterest for ideas and made a couple of “t shirt scarves” for myself, my sister, and my mom! Cutting up the bodies of those tees left a lot of ARMS. Again, what to do? Again, Rita scarves. Here is the model wearing a tan t shirt scarf and 2 turtleneck scarves.


She is a great model and a very willing participant. She has been trained well in knowing that if she is wearing clothes, it usually means she gets to go “bye bye”.


Yo, Incoco!


Obviously, by now, you have figured out that I have a thing for nails…pretty painted nails. I always have. My Mom used to paint our (my sister and I) finger/toe nails and when we were old enough we painted our own all of the time.

A few months ago I tried the Incoco nails courtesy of my Birchbox subscription. I received the “Urban Jungle (Glitter)”  strips. You can check them out here. 

The Incoco site has great directions:

1.  Remove the clear film. Select the size that best fits your nails. Gently remove the clear cover.

2. Peel Polish. Gently peel polish strip from backing paper, holding onto the silver tab.

3. Pull apart and select end. Carefully break away silver tab to use the other of the strip

4. Place And Smooth wrinkles. Place the strip on nail and smooth until wrinkle-free. Gently stretch for a perfect fit. To realign or resize, peel nail strip and re-apply.

5. Remove Excess.  Crease strip nail edge, and remove the excess using your nail or a nail file

6. Done!

Overall: the look was fun, they wore well, and the application was easy. I was able to put mine on while flying to Denver b/c the odor is very minimal.  It took me about 25 mins (longer than polishing) and they lasted for about 3 days. The wear was not super noticeable becuase of the pattern..notice the edge of the ring finger. I would wear them again for a special occasion !Image


**all opinions are my own and I was not paid to give them**